Treatment of the McCanns beyond biased

I have been very disappointed throughout the whole of the Madeleine McCann furore and the media treatment of the couple.

Since the child disappeared they press have been nothing short of scandalous.

It seems that, in the eyes of the British press, the parents, who are incredibly irresponsible, can do no wrong.

The tabloids, and unfortunately some of the broadsheets, have been more interested in damning the Portuguese police than providing an accurate account of a mising child.

A newspaper is supposed to act like a mirror held up to society, reflecting the events so that the public can see the world for what it is.

But for some reason, maybe it’s a class issue or maybe even a race issue, the McCanns seem to be exempt form criticism.

And it seems to me that they deserve to be criticised. It must be hard to lose a daughter but at the very least they have been awful parents.

Why would any parents in their right mind continually leave three young children on their own, at night, while they go out for a drink?

There are also rumours that they couple drugged their children – with the police claiming that the McCanns other children were difficult to awaken after their elder sister went missing.

The fact remains that only the McCanns know whether or not they were involved in the death of their child.

So I don’t know why the Daily Mail is so sure that they are innocent.


The McCanns and the media circus

At the risk of sounding very unpopular I think that is about time that the McCanns took a break from courting the media limelight and began to reflect on the actual whereabouts of their missing daughter Madeleine.

They have suffered a tragedy that must be every parents worst nightmare and my heart, and indeed the hearts of the nation, are with them but it is inappropriate for them to be touring Europe.

I understand that the purpose of these trips are to raise awareness of the missing girl but I think it is grossly unfair to devote such time and attention to one case where others are just left with the odd page in the national press. It also unnecessary for the McCanns to have an audience with the Pope where there surely must be others more in need.

I find it dismaying that some stories are subject to great media bias where others are afforded little coverage. Madeleine is not the first child to go missing and nor is she the last but I cannot recall any other occassion when a child has gone missing and their has been a continental tour of appeal for their return.

The media has heralded the strength and courage of the McCanns but has refused to criticise there inexplicable decision to leave three children under the age of four alone and unattended in a foreign country without even locking a door.

The McCanns appear to be becoming minor celebrities due to their irresponsible behaviour and this is must not be allowed to happen.

I am with everyone who wishes for a safe return of Madeleine but the time has come for them to stop playing ringmaster to the media circus and actually start working with the Portuguese police to find their missing child.