Selfish Beckham not a loss to World Cup squad

Sadly – almost solely on a personal note – David Beckham’s achilles tendon has ruled him out of the World Cup squad.

But while it would be wrong to welcome an injury to a player, even if grossly overrated, Beckham’s injury is likely to solve more problems than it creates.

With Beckham no longer available for selection the door has been opened for a number of other more talented but less media-hungry players such as Joe Cole, James Milner and Theo Walcott to stake a meaningful claim for a place in the England midfield.

It may sound harsh but hopefully, the injury will end the career of an England international who once an inspirational performer and captain (the memories of the Greece game at Old Trafford will continue to linger) but has now become an unwelcome sideshow.

Like Beckham off the field, Beckham on the field has become an increasingly about the brand and not about the team both for club and country.

His quest to become England’s most capped player, by playing five minutes of meaningless friendlies, has made a mockery of the honour of representing one’s country and is unquestionably about feeding his ego.

Even while playing for AC Milan, Beckham, in spite of his side’s horrendous loss against Manchester United in the Champions League still managed to make the back pages by draping himself in an anti-Glazer scarf.

Like a boxer who doesn’t know when to retire Beckham has simply kept on going, not for the good of the team but for personal glory and a will to be seen on the world’s biggest stage.

But finally – and thankfully – it looks as if his mind has been made up for him.