England boy-boys wrong to target Cole

Even as an Arsenal fan I had to admit that the treatment of Ashley Cole during England’s win over Kazakhstan at Wembley was disgraceful.

While the home side cruised to a 5-1 victory over the international minnows, sections of the crowd were more content to dish out abuse to the former Gunners left-back.

No-one would disagree that fans have the right to voice their views – after all they pay through the nose to attend matches.

But why abuse one of your own?

The mistake made ultimately led to a goal but England were well on top and were good value for their victory.

Listening to 606 last night an irate Alan Green turned his anger on the ‘morons’ and those who called in and tried to defend their actions.

Some said the jeers were for Cole’s treatment of his wife Cheryl, other claimed that the fans were reacting to his exorbitant wage demands in his soured contract negotiations and others claimed it was because he was arrogant.

Of course Cole is not the first England player feel the fans fury with Beckham, Lampard and more recently Bentley also being booed but it seemed that some were waiting for the Chelsea full-back to make a mistake just so they could have a pop at him about his personal life.

The cold hard fact of the matter is that elite modern day footballers are millionaires, with pretty spouses who may think highly of themselves and jeering them will not change that fact.

While their lives are far removed from ours we are called supporters for a reason – our job is to support them.

After all they could never be truly successful without our backing.

Is it any wonder that England haven’t won a major trophy in 50 years.