Why isn’t Andy Cole is a Premier League legend?

Andy Cole recently completed his transfer from south coast side Portsmouth to top flight new-boys Sunderland and, even though he has constantly been written off, he will be among the goals again this season.

It’s shame that one of the greatest strikers to play in the Premier League is one of the most underated and I can’t figure out why.

Admittedly Cole does not possess the coolest head when in front of goal but he is still an awesome finisher.

How many strikers can score sublimely deft chips, powerful long range efforts and slide rule placed finishes?

The ‘5 or 6 chances to score a goal myth’ is totally unfounded. Cole scored goals for Blackburn, Fulham, Manchester City and Portsmouth and they barely make 5 or 6 chances a match.

Sir Alex Ferguson’s faith in the former Newcastle hitman spoke for itself. His lethal partnership with Dwight Yorke was one of the main reasons Manchester United were able to scoop their unprecedented treble in 1999.

A lot of the negative feeling towards Cole comes from the idiotic Skinner and Baddeil. On Fantasy Football League he was maligned, just like Jason Lee who had his career ruined, purely for the sake of ‘comedy’.

And arrogant Glenn Hoddle’s shabby treatment of him didn’t help either – strange to think he was keeping Teddy Sheringham out of the United site but couldn’t get anywhere near taking his England first team place.

Burt his record speaks for itself – 283 goals in 612 games, including a massive 34 in his first Premier Leagues season with Newcastle.

In fact only one man has a better Premeirship record – Alan Shearer.

So why is he not one of the most loved and revered players in English game with a sackful of caps to show for it?