Conversations I wish I had been a part of

Some people love London for the nightlife, others enjoy the food and some get a thrill out of being part of the world’s most diverse city.

Personally, being a nosy bastard, I love the human drama.

Anyone who lives in the capital will know that it is difficult to exist without seeing mankind both at its best and its worst.

As people watching is my pasttime (I’m not a stalker by the way) I often overhear snippets of other people’s phone conversations.

There have been a couple of incidents in the last month which made me wish I was the guy on the other end of the line.

Coming out of Tesco a couple of weeks I almost bumped into a posh woman talking on her mobile to who, due to the harsh tone, must have been her boyfriend.

“Darren!,” she yelled. “I’ve told you a million fucking times that I can’t come. I’m in Namibia for a month.”

Poor Darren – he must keep forgetting about that. I didn’t hear his response but I wouldn’t have been suprised if he was grovelling.

The other was clearly between a couple of guys. It had to be – it was embellishment about a fight that had taken place the night before.

I was coming back from the Arsenal – Man City game at the Emirates and heard a burly Gooner say into his handset.

“You should have been there man. He got sparked out by a 15 year-old.”

For good measure he added: “Cold!”

I almost pissed myself.

Sounded like a good fight though.

Apparently the teen is talks to fight Ricky Hatton!