Brand new season…same old Arsenal

While many must admire Arsenal for the bold attacking play and their policy of blooding youngsters their die hard fans must tire of the increasingly frustrating play.

The Gunners – with the vast majority of their ranks under the age of 25 – boast a level of technical excellence and athleticism unseen in their rivals but for some reason seem shy of shooting at goal.

Arsene Wenger’s charges scored a hatful last season but despite their dominance in the vast majority of games they could have had plenty more – and may even have claimed the title if they could have scored more goals when it mattered.

Seeing the Gunners turn out against Juventus in the Emirates Cup on Saturday it seems that nothing has changed since last season. The team still want to walk the ball into the net.

While the Arsenal players are undoubtedly proud of their ability to play the game in the right way it would be unfair to say their deficiency is not a case of PGS (Perfect Goal Syndrome) but is more likely to be a reflection on their lack of goal scoring wingers.

Hleb, before he left for Barcelona, and Rosicky are both talented players but failed to hit the net with the frequency Robert Pires and Freddie Ljungberg did during the undefeated season and the double winning side of 2002 and has Marc Overmars and Ray Parlour had done before them.

In addition, with Eduardo still out injured and Robin Van Persie likely to be injured at some point in the near future the boys from the Emirates might also need to find another striker who is happy to shoot on sight.

For Arsenal to thrive this season they are going to have to stop relying on the strikers to score the goals or hope that their midfield can chip in to help out.

If not it will be close but not close enough for the fourth season in a row

One thought on “Brand new season…same old Arsenal

  1. I agree totally with that assessment. I too was there for that game and the most disappointing thing about Arsenal was the fact that the times that they did get into good positions there was no one in the box! Adebayor was hanging outside the area around waiting for the ball to be delivered to his feet and then carried into the goal on a silver platter for him, and no one else seemed to have the foresight that getting in the right position is half the battle. The one shot Adebayor did have he decided to try and be fancy rather than put it low into the corner with power where even Buffon wouldn’t have managed to get to.For me the highlight of the day was watching Hamburg come oh so close to showing up Real, it was such a shame they didn’t even hold on for a draw, but alas Van Nistelroy is the deadliest goalhanger football has seen in a long time!Still it all worked out in the end I guess with Hamburg deservedly winning the cup that weekend.

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