I bet you never even noticed…

Euro 2008

First an apology about the lack of coverage on this summer’s Euro 2008 tournament – I moved to London and had no internet and so nothing was written (as if anyone noticed!).

Congratulations to Spain for being consistent throughout – and showing England how to play with balls – but how amazing were Russia and Holland.

Unfortunately my money was on the Czech Republic!

Liverpool and Tottenham continue to waste funds

Tottenham have been spending more than most as they do every season but still won’t make into the top four. Bentley is overpriced and wouldn’t get in the Liverpool, Man Utd or Chelsea first-team (Arsenal wouldn’t have him back) and shows the depth of their ambition.

Benitez has again his ineptitude in the transfer market by signing an overpriced Robbie Keane for more than £20m – still not as bad as Andriy Voronin, Jermaine Pennant, Luis Garcia, Yossi Benayoun etc etc…

One team that looks to have spent well this summer adding talented Portugeuse duo Jose Bosingwa and Deco into their studded squad is Chelsea – and with Phil Scolari taking up the reins the title race could go right down to the wire next season.

Things to look out for next season

Man Utd and Chelsea battling for the top two places, while Arsenal and Liverpool struggle to hold on to third place.

Portsmouth, Everton and Aston Villa battling it out for the Uefa Cup with Spurs just behind.

Hull going down (unless the complete a major overhaul of their playing staff) and Stoke joining them.

Wigan, West Brom and Bolton scrapping to avoid 18th place.

Well done Calvin

Congratulations to Luton Town striker Calvin Andrew on his move to Crystal Palace and his excellent form in pre-season. The whole town is rooting for you!


The non-awaited return of the world’s least read blog

Those of you who thought that I had given up on blogging due to popular demand were sadly mistaken.

I have not grown tired of ranting or having a pop at the US – I just moved house and have been without the internet.

And now I’m back online I’m ready to take aim at things that have been annoying me in my absence – namely parents with pushchairs.

Ok, you’ve got children! We get it! It doesn’t mean that you can run your prams into the back of my legs when I’m trying to get into work.

Also, I’m trying to get out of the way – so don’t tut and roll your eyes when I don’t move at the speed the of light when you wnat to get past.

But the worst is pushchairs at rush hour. Unless you need to move your children during 9am or 5pm teach them to walk. What’s wrong with travelling between the hours of 10 and 4 anyway – everyone’s a winner.

Glad I go that off my chest.

People watching (Amusing things that you’ve missed in my absence)

My estate agent revealing that his hand was bandaged because a cat bit him.

A tourist with a cigarette asking a confused native if he had any ‘fire’ on him.

An angry mother in a Chinatown cake shop threatening to beat her hyperactive children ‘in every way possible’ (you had to be there!)

A man tiptoeing on a chair to fix an air conditioning unit and saying to his colleague ‘safety first’.

A grown woman crossing her arms and stomping her feet at her disobedient husband in Asda – and him promptly walking in the opposite direction pretending not to know her.