Overpriced and overcrowded: Why I hate the railways

Not being able to drive has put me in the awkward position of having to use public transport. I don’t mind the bus and I’m sure I could handle the tram but I absolutely despise the train.

Every week I pay £86 for the privelege to wait in the rain and turn up for work late. To get in on time I have to fold myself up and squeeze into spaces that would cause a contortionist problems.

Putting it at its simplest, trains in the UK are scandalously overpriced and dangerously overcrowded. And they’re never on time.

Ruth Kelly has said the government are willing to pledge millions to improve the service by 2030. 2030? It’s a damning indictment of the state of the railways if it will take more than twenty years to fix.

A good start would be to make trains cheaper. Maybe the franchises should be charged less or the government should subsidise it, either way it should cost less for the current state it is in.

Somehow they need to adress the problem of overcrowding. On the tube, where there is no standard of human conduct, people faint becasue they are packed in so tight.

There are no easy answers, all I know is that the service needs immediate improvement.

Maybe we, the rail passengers, should start a union. Lets make placards, chant catchy slogans and refuse to pay our fares.

Or maybe I’ll just call the BSM.


2 thoughts on “Overpriced and overcrowded: Why I hate the railways

  1. Well its good to see someone making a point about the trains. Interestingly enough i can’t say i agree with you entirely but you certainly raise a good point. Having a girlfriend who attends uni in the North East the train is the only realistic option i have visit her as National Express takes 10 hours and to fly i’d need to add time for transport to the airport and then the long wait in the departure lounge. Visiting her costs me £65 for a saver return allowing me to return any point within the next month or if i book early enough i can get substantially discounted tickets.The biggest problem with the train network is the ‘rush hour’ where there are simply not enough carriages to allow everyone to sit down and many of the franchises are seeking ways to run longer and more frequent trains. One of the ways this can be achieved is by train companies enforcing the buy before you travel penalty fair system which will greatly increase their revenue or by doing away with the nearly always empty first class carriages on peak services where the extra space created would allow others to sit down.People also seem to forget that the train system has never been perfect in this country and renationalising certainly isn’t the way forward. I for one can actually say i have seen an improvement in the train network in recent years especially in the thames gateway area.

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