I thought you had heart Jamie

Admittedly it’s not the the most topical football story but I am still in shock over Jamie Carragher’s decision to quit international football.

Personally, I think that Carragher is a good player, not great but good. Like many England internationals he is overrated but that is not really the point – my problem with Carragher is that he won’t play for his country because he is not a first team regular.

International football is supposed to be the pinnacle of a professional footballers career. Although the Champions League is probably of a higher standard, representing your country is supposed to be the gold standard.

So, Mr Carragher, upset that he is not better than John Terry, Rio Ferdinand or even a fully-fit Jonathon Woodgate has thrown his toys out of the pram and just quit.

Liverpool fans say that he has heart and passion – obviously they are wrong.


One thought on “I thought you had heart Jamie

  1. IF he did retire from international football simply because he’s not a regular in the England team, then I think this is the wrong reason to make such a decision for and I agree with your perspective. However, can we be certain that this was, in fact, the main reason? Perhaps there were other (maybe non- football) matters involved?

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